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Q. Is there anyway I can get all the fonts from your site either as a large zip file or via ftp?

A. Sorry, but I don't offer a zip file of all the fonts at Freeware Fonts. My site uses a lot of bandwidth / month. Offering such a large zip file would compound the problem. This is also the reason I don't offer anonymous ftp.

Q. I have installed a font from your site, when I use it in Word I find some characters are missing and have been replaced with small black boxes instead of letters?

A. Not all font designers include full character sets for their fonts. This could mean you only get the font in uppercase. When you try to use the font in lowercase you get the black box where the character you specify should have been.

Q. I have a picture from a magazine / album cover that has a logo on it, can you tell me the font they used for it?

A. I am sorry but I can't, I get so many emails asking me to do this. There are a lot more knowledgeable people out there who could help you. If I do get this type of question I normally suggest checking out the following link. You will normally get the answer to your questions / requests through this source.

Q. There is a film out at the moment called ####, can you make the font they used for the film logo?

A. I wish I could make my own fonts, I wouldn't know where to start. I find all the fonts for my site on the Internet. There are a lot of talented font designers out there making great fonts.

Q. Can you send me a font called Arial / Helvetica / Verdana etc.?

A. Please! don't ask me to send you commercial fonts. You can get commercial fonts via the following link.

Q. Why can't I use the fonts from your site when I send emails and within chat programs?

A. The normal procedure for email / chat programs is to use a set of default fonts. These are normally the fonts that ship with Windows / Mac. This is so that everyone who reads your emails / chat will see it in the same font i.e. Arial. It's just not possible for everyone to have every font made installed on there PC / MAC.